“Godzilla Resurgence” Gets A One Week Run

American fans of Toho’s original “Godzilla” franchise have been keenly awaiting the upcoming “Godzilla: Resurgence” after word broke a while back that the new film had been picked up for U.S. theatrical distribution by Funimation.

Turns out there’s a great big proviso on that acquistion. Fandango has confirmed that the film will get a U.S. release from October 11th, but said release will only run for one week in cinemas – through until October 18th. The announcement comes with a new poster, which features a silhouette of the newly designed King of the Monsters along with the Japanese title (“Shin Godzilla”) for the film.

The new film sees the massive, gilled monster emerge from the deep and tear through Tokyo, leaving nothing but destruction in its wake. A rag-tag team of volunteers aseemble to uncover the monster’s weakness. The film has already taken in about $51 million in Japan alone – double the haul of Gareth Edwards’ western reboot of the franchise in 2014.