Gina Torres Confirmed For “Suits” Spin-Off

Former “Suits” co-star Gina Torres has closed a deal with Universal Cable Prods. to headline and produce a potential spinoff series centered on her character Jessica Pearson.

Creator/showrunner Aaron Korsh, whose deal is still being worked out, will shepherd the series which is still in very early stages of development and is based on an idea Torres brought to UCP.

Korsh says that Torres pitched a new take of what happens if we follow Jessica into the future a little bit – and what she came up with got everyone excited enough to move forward.

Korsh quickly came on board the potential spinoff, which he will be writing by himself or with another writer. It is unclear yet whether the potential offshoot would be worked into the story of the upcoming seventh season of Suits or it will be developed on its own.

Torres left the main series which films in Toronto, due in large part because it was getting difficult for her to be away for so long from her family in Los Angeles.

Source: Deadline