First Trailer: Clooney & Coens’ “Suburbicon”

The fingerprints of Joel and Ethan Coen are all over the first trailer for “Suburbicon,” a new tale of murder and extortion under the tranquil surface of 1950s American suburbia.

Directed by George Clooney and penned by the Coens, Matt Damon plays a husband and father of a young boy. When his wife is killed in a home invasion, and the boy’s aunt (Julianne Moore) comes to live with them, they seek revenge on the petty thugs responsible.

Oscar Isaac is also involved as a crooked cop, while Josh Brolin also has a role. Though there are definite dark comedy stylings here along usual Coen lines, Clooney has said this film is “less funny and a lot angrier” and is a tale of “very flawed people making very bad choices”.

“Suburbicon” will unfurl on the film festival circuit this Fall before it opens in cinemas on October 27th. Check out the preview and first poster below: