Fiennes Is Done With Villains… Except One

With over two decades of acclaimed film work, Ralph Fiennes has pretty much done it all. In the past few years he’s been known for playing villains and, more recently, comedic types in the likes of “Hail Caesar” and “A Bigger Splash”.

Fiennes seems happy with that change actually. He tells The Evening Standard this week that after a run of playing villains, he’s glad to be offered some lighter fare to take on:

“You have to go to weird places in your head and — well you can never say never — but after an SS commandant, a serial killer in Red Dragon and Voldemort [in Harry Potter], I decided I didn’t want to be that definition of evil any more. If you play those parts, I feel you have to put your head in the place of that person. And it f–ks with your head.”

Fiennes does say though that there’s one villain role that he wouldn’t want to give up if it were to be portrayed again: “[if] Voldemort came round again, I would feel possessive… protective. I would like to not let that go.”