Feige On Zendaya’s Nickname In “Spider-Man”

One of the more talked about minor moments of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” is that of Zendaya’s character Michelle when she reveals her nickname that friends call her – ‘MJ’.

During the film’s production, the actress was plagued with rumors she was playing a new variation of iconic “Spider-Man” comic love interest Mary Jane Watson, despite her character Michelle having nothing in common with the character.

Now Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has set the record straight. He tells IGN UK that Zendaya is playing Michelle and ONLY Michelle:

“Well, we never even looked at it as a big reveal necessarily but more of just a fun homage to his past adventures and his past love. She’s not Mary Jane Watson. She never was Mary Jane Watson. She was always this new high school character, Michelle, who we know there’s an “M” in Michelle and an “M” in Mary [laughs].

So we’re so clever and we thought, “Wouldn’t it be neat if her initials were MJ?” And then I think it leaked that she would be playing MJ and then it became a whole headache for Zendaya to have to navigate. It was never a big, ‘Oh my God, it’s a big reveal!’ There are big reveals in the movie. That’s not one of them.

Is she going to date Peter? Are they going to fall in love? She seems to be intrigued with him. There’s a nice chemistry there. Who knows what will happen in the future films?”

The film’s producer Amy Pascal added: “She is not going to end as being Mary Jane Watson.” “Spider-Man Homecoming” is out in cinemas now with the sequel to go into production early next year.