“Fantastic Four” Second Reboot Goes Kiddie?

Not that long ago came a rumor that 20th Century Fox’s next attempt at adapting Marvel Comics’ “Fantastic Four” into a workable film franchise would take on a more kid-centric approach.

Today, Bleeding Cool claims to have more information on that rumor. The site reports that the new film will be based on Mark Millar and Curtis Tieg’s “Kindergarten Heroes” comic series.

That 2012 comic never went to print and follows a team of toddler superheroes. Fox optioned the film rights to the property a few years back and set Carter Blanchard to pen a script. Now the site claims the studio is reworking that scripti into a “Fantastic Four” film.

The earlier rumor suggested that the children of Reed and Sue Richards, Franklin and Valeria, would serve as the lead characters. If that’s still the case is unclear, but Seth Grahame-Smith is reportedly the writer of the most recent draft.