Don’t Expect More “24,” “Prison Break” Soon

Speaking ahead of the network upfront earlier today, FOX co-chairman and CEO Gary Newman revealed that are no plans in the immediate future for any more “24” or “Prison Break” following the airing of the revival of both shows in the past few months.

The ‘Prison’ revival is still in the midst of its nine-episode run that effectively serves as the show’s fifth season. Newman says that the network is open to the idea of more episodes and would ‘seriously consider’ it.

As for “24: Legacy,” star Corey Hawkins is busy on Broadway and his schedule has effectively ‘stopped the clock’ on the show. That said, Newman says more “24” could be “in the mix” down the line and they intend to sit down with executive producer Howard Gordon to see where the franchise could perhaps go next.

Ratings wise the ‘Prison’ revival has been a so-so performer but picked up fairly good numbers in delayed viewing. “24” started out strong but quickly dropped to tepid numbers.

Source: Deadline