Disney’s “Mulan” Gets Extensive Reshoots?

Disneys Mulan Gets Extensive Reshoots

With the odd exception (hello “Dumbo”), Disney’s live-action remakes of their beloved animated classics have been massive box-office successes and there appears to be no plans to abandon the trend anytime soon.

While the Mouse House’s schedule next year runs a little lighter than its overstacked 2019, one of its biggest titles is the live-action remake of 1998’s “Mulan”. That film debuted a teaser trailer to great impact a few months back and the movie seemed ready to be a global hit.

Then the project hit controversy as star Liu Yiefei’s social media posting saying she stands in the Hong Kong police who, since June, have been engaged in a crackdown on anti-government demonstrators and journalists in the country. Those comments have also raised concern at the studio over whether China will allow the film to play in the Chinese market where a movie like this could make up to several hundred million dollars.

Now a new report at TheDisInsider (via Observer) says the film itself is about to undergo a major change. Specifically they indicate the film will undergo a massive four months of reshoots beginning later this month and running through to February – far longer than the standard additional filming run of a few weeks. The outlet says: “As of now, it is not known what the reshoots entail, but we hear for now that it is for significant battle sequences.”

The film follows Mulan, a fearless young woman, who disguises herself as a man in order to replace her ailing father in the Imperial Army. The Niki Caro-helmed film reportedly does not include Eddie Murphy’s Mushu dragon character (replaced by a non-speaking Phoenix) or the classic songs from the original which itself grossed $300 million worldwide in 1998. Could the reshoots add them back in? It’s unknown at present.

The new “Mulan” is scheduled to arrive March 27th next year.