Disney Delays “Mulan,” Sets Marvel Dates

It was never expected to meet its November 2018 release date, and now Disney Pictures has pushed back its live-action adaptation of “Mulan” by a year-and-a-half. It will now open March 27th 2020.

Niki Caro helms this take on their classic 1998 animated musical hit which itself is based on the famous Chinese legend. The project took more than a year to find its star with Chinese actress Liu Yifei (aka. Crystal Liu) being set for the lead role in November after an extensive worldwide search.

That and the moving up of “Avengers: Infinity War” by a week weren’t the only changes to Disney’s release schedule today. Its presently untitled Christopher Robin project starring Ewan McGregor will now be called… “Christopher Robin”.

The Anna Kendrick as a female Santa Claus comedy “Nicole” has been pulled from its planned November 8th 2019 theatrical release. Instead, the film is going to serve as one of the key early titles on Disney’s planned upcoming streaming service launching next year.

They’re also set aside dates for a bunch of other untitled films through February 2023 – including sixteen live-action movies; six more Marvel films; and three animated pics (two from Pixar).

The Marvel film that was dated for August 7th 2020 now opens July 31st 2020. Additionally dates have been set aside for Marvel films on May 7th 2021, July 30th 2021, November 5th 2021, February 18th 2022, May 6th 2022 and July 29th 2022.

A DisneyToon Studios release set for April 12th 2019 has been pulled and will be replaced with Disneynature’s “Penguins”. Other live-action Disney film dates set aside include: October 4th 2019, November 8th 2019, February 14th 2020, May 29th 2020, October 9th 2020; December 23rd 2020, February 12th 2021, May 28th 2021, July 9th 2021, October 8th 2021, December 22nd 2021, May 27th 2022; July 8th 2022, November 4th 2022, December 16th 2022, and February 17th 2023.

A Pixar film slated for March 13th 2020 will now open March 6th 2020, while two others are coming on March 18th 2022 and June 17th 2022. An additional non-Pixar animated title is scheduled for November 23rd 2022.

Source: The Wrap & Variety