David Ayer Keen To Do A Superman Film

Wherever the DC Comics film universe goes next and what adjustments will be made in the wake of “Suicide Squad” is hard to say at this point. The film is on track to make big money early on, but whether that business will drop off quickly like ‘Dawn of Justice’ did – we won’t know for until month’s end or so.

In the meantime the film’s director David Ayer has been giving interviews to various outlets and was asked by JoBlo if there’s another DC Comics superhero that he would like to take a shot at if Warners wants him back for another go. He revealed he’d like to do a Superman film at some point:

“If everything was on the table? I love Superman, I think Superman would be amazing. There’s so many; it’s such an insanely rich universe, there’s so much depth to it. You could literally open up the encyclopedia of characters and stab your finger at a page and you’d have an amazing character.”

“Man of Steel” is the most well received of the three DCEU films released and its star Henry Cavill has expressed an interest in doing a full on Superman sequel as opposed to another team-up film. With Zack Snyder occupied, could Ayer fill in that role?