CW Develops “Lady in the Mask” Series

The CW has begun development of the drama series “Lady in the Mask” from Amblin TV and CBS Television Studios. Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey will executive produce the series.

Written by Thomas Brandon, the psychological thriller is set in a near future where people can back-up their minds like they back-up their computer. A woman awakens in the hospital after a suspicious car accident and learns her memory was damaged and restored from a two-year-old ‘back-up’.

As she tries to return to her seemingly loving husband, high-profile job in her family’s tech VC firm, and otherwise normal life, the details about her missing years begin to contradict one another, leading her to believe she’s being manipulated by someone close to her and the accident was no accident.

No potential air date has yet been targeted.

Source: Deadline