Courtney: Time To Leave “Terminator” Alone?

After two cinematic classics, the “Terminator” franchise has seen two disappointing sequels and a failed reboot in last year’s “Terminator Genisys”.

That film was enough of a dud both critically and commercially that it effectively killed any plans for future instalments anytime in the near future. According to the film’s star Jai Courtney, it’s probably better that way.

Speaking with Business Insider ahead of the release of “Suicide Squad,” talk turned towards Hollywood green lighting sequels and not letting franchises lie with various sequel after sequel. He suggests are fine if there’s a reason, if not then they probably should be left alone:

“If it seems like an obvious movie to make then cool. But with ‘Terminator,’ who knows, it’s probably time to leave it where it is. But if they can get back in there and dig around and decide there is another film to make, I’ll take the call.”

The “Terminator” franchise at present has no plans for further films or TV series spin-offs.