Bay Producing Killer Podcast Film “Meet Jimmy”

Bay Producing Killer Podcast Film Jimmy

Paramount Pictures has kicked off development of the horror film “Meet Jimmy” at Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes which won a bidding war for the rights.

The feature will be a remake of the horror short by Dutch filmmakers David-Jan Bronsgeest and Tim Koomen. The story centers on a podcast that generates horrific consequences for listeners.

Bloody Disgusting says the film involves the podcast which is about a notorious serial killer named Jimmy TwoFingers who kills victims by letting them gag until they suffocate on fingers down their throats. Jimmy knows one young woman who is listening to the podcast and then stalks her and warns that if she stops listening, he’ll kill her.

Bronsgeest will direct from a script by Koomen and the writing duo of Shawn and Michael Rasmussen (“Crawl”). The project is being set up as a potential franchise and Bay, Andrew Form, and Brad Fuller will produce.

Source: Variety