AMC Launches Film Streaming Service

Amc Launches Film Streaming Service

AMC Theaters, the largest movie theater chain in the United States, is joining the streaming wars with the announcement of ‘AMC Theaters on Demand’ – a new VOD streaming service.

This will NOT be an SVOD service (ala Netflix, Hulu, etc.) rather a more regular VOD service which will let customers rent or buy movies – the same way Apple’s iTunes, Amazon’s Prime Video and Walmart’s Vudu have been operating for years.

The service is moving quickly, in fact it is set to launch tomorrow with an online store containing approximately 2,000 films with new releases to be added after a standard theatrical run. Each film will cost between $3 and $5.99 to rent, and $9.99 to $19.99 to purchase.

The five major studios – Disney, Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, and Paramount – have all entered deals with the theater chain to sell and rent movies including new releases and older titles.

More than 20 million households subscribe to AMC’s Stubs loyalty program and those members will receive additional benefits with the service – including a free digital version of a movie they paid to see in theaters.

Source: The New York Times