“All The Money” Reshoots To Cost Over $10M

If there’s one production team feeling the pinch in Hollywood right now, it’s those involved in the making and release of Ridley Scott’s “All the Money in the World” at Sony Pictures.

As reported the other day and just six weeks out from the film’s planned and unchanged December 22nd release date, Scott has fired embattled actor Kevin Spacey and is set to replace him with Christopher Plummer in the role of oil magnate J. Paul Getty.

The move is being seen as an unprecedented one, and now details of the challenge and cost are coming to light in a new Variety article. Insiders for the trade say reshoots, post-production and the creation and switching out of new marketing materials are believed to be adding over $10 million in additional costs for financiers Imperative Entertainment.

The company is expected to shoulder the costs which are unlikely to be covered by insurance firms who actually do offer ‘disgrace coverage’ which could cover something like this.

With Spacey’s name above the title potentially clouding the film’s Oscar hopes and commercial prospects however, they feel they could potentially lose more – especially as the film is already a tough sell and needs critical approval.

On top of that they can’t shift the date because of competition from Danny Boyle’s “Trust” on FX, an event series that airs in January and is about the same incident. Donald Sutherland, Hilary Swank and Brendan Fraser star in the Spacey/Plummer, Williams & Wahlberg roles.

Reshoots of Spacey’s work are expected to take eight to ten days. Co-stars Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams are required to be brought back and both actors have two weeks worth of reshoots written into their contracts (which may have already been partly used up). Should they go past their allotted time, they will be paid their pro-rated weekly rate.

Both have reportedly signed off on the decision to recast Spacey, and their schedules are relatively flexible with Wahlberg doing “Daddy’s Home 2” press rounds and not filming anything presently, while Williams is doing “Venom” which is also at Sony and so it’s in their interest to adjust her shooting schedule to make her available. Those adjustments are already underway.

Most of Spacey’s scenes involved him interacting with only a few other actors or featured solo shots, so Scott and the producers believe that it would be more economical and effective to simply recreate the scenes with Plummer as opposed to getting him to work in front of a green screen and use visual effects to slip him into pre-existing footage.

Filming will take place within the next two weeks and the goal is to have the picture locked and done by December 15th which would still allow some voters the chance to screen the finished film. The MPAA has also assured the studio that it will expedite its review of the new cut.