Wingard Teases “Godzilla vs. Kong” Continuity

Filmmaker Adam Wingard has confirmed that his upcoming “Godzilla vs. Kong” will be tightly linked with Michael Dougherty’s currently filming “Godzilla” sequel.

Wingard, speaking with SlashFilm about his “Death Note” adaptation which arrives shortly on Netflix, confirms Universal’s giant monster showdown film will be set in the present day and discusses the crossover potential with the previous films like 2014’s “Godzilla” and this year’s “Kong Skull Island”:

“Ours is more in continuity with the sequel to Godzilla right now. They’re doing Godzilla 2 with Mike Dougherty directing, so our film is in present day.

We have a couple characters from Godzilla 2 in ours, but it’ll be interesting to see how Kong has fared over the years. You see him in that film and he’s just constantly under attack.

Things are going wrong and there’s probably been lots of human intervention since then. It’ll be interesting to see a more rugged, a bit more aged Kong in this film.”

The “Godzilla vs. Kong” script comes from a writer’s room under the guidance of “Pirates of the Caribbean” co-writer Terry Rossio. It is currently targeting a May 22nd 2020 release.