“Walking Dead” Spin-Off Now A Limited Series

Walking Dead Spin Off Now A Limited Series

One of the reasons people seem to be drifting away from AMC’s once juggernaut “The Walking Dead” is that there is no sign as to the end of that franchise.

The network has made clear they will flog that horse not just to its death, not just until it’s a fine paste on the ground, but until that paste has become atomized and those tiny particles are scattered to the wind.

So it’s a surprise today to announce that “The Walking Dead: World Beyond,” the upcoming second spin-off series premiering on April 12th, has become effectively a limited series with the network confirming the show has been built for just two seasons and will only run for that long.

Indeed that format is one AMC will reportedly utilise for more new series in the franchise going forward.

‘World Beyond’ will follow the first generation of survivors born into the zombie apocalypse and will run for ten episodes in its first season. Should the second season be the same, it would make the entire series run only a few eps longer than an average 16-episode single season of “The Walking Dead”.

Source: Collider