VOTD: DC Film & TV Mix As Flashes Meet

Votd Ezra Miller Grant Gustins Flashes Meet

The last two parts of The CW’s five-part “Crisis on Infinite Earths” special event aired tonight and included one cool surprise.

Ezra Miller, The Flash form the DCEU films like “Justice League” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” got to share the screen with “The Flash” series leading man Grant Gustin in a cameo that’s more than just a simple one-liner.

The nearly 90-second long conversation takes place in the speed force and not only shows how Miller’s version gets his name, it even has the two comparing outfits. Miller, who remains attached to reprise the role for his own standalone movie, has often expressed a love for the series and obviously flew to Vancouver and shot the cameo a while back.

This means the DCEU joins the 1960s “Batman”, the 1990’s “The Flash” series, the Burton-era Batman films, “Smallville,” “Titans” and “Lucifer” as all part of the same multiverse of The CW DC shows.

Check out the clip below, the cameo begins around the 37-second mark.