Updated: Catch Aussie Release Questioned

**Update: Jan 9th**: Due to an internal miscommunication between departments in Sony, yesterday’s news is a tad off. At present the decision has yet to be made about whether the release is happening or not – it’s being discussed now. When the official verdict comes in we’ll let you know. ***

The Jennifer Garner-led romantic comedy “Catch and Release” is NOT getting a theatrical release in Australia according to Sony Pictures International.

On the one hand the news doesn’t come as too much of a surprise – with Sony’s heavily packed schedule last year still unrolling internationally, there is a glut of titles and not enough slots.

Most notable was high profile bomb “All the King’s Men” which after a woeful US box-office was summarily pulled from many international schedules (including Australia) and is being shoved straight to DVD.

This dropping of ‘Catch’ is a surprise though considering that not only has the film not had a U.S. release yet, but its a straightforward romantic comedy and Jennifer Garner is a somewhat known name.

Also considering that steppin’ flick “Stomp the Yard” is getting a theatrical release in Australia (there’s an audience for that here?), it’s suspicious.

So like King’s Men, “Catch” shares the honour of no big screen Aussie version. Then again like that film it was also delayed nearly a year, makes one have to wonder if the reviews will be the same too (am I the only one who actually liked that trailer from a while back?).