Universal Is Still Working On “Cats” VFX?

Cats Producer On The Trailer Backlash

With digital projectors ubiquitous these days and movies delivered not as film reels but hard drives or large files downloaded from a server, it has allowed filmmakers to tinker with their films right up until just before release.

In an unusual move though, Tom Hooper’s adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Weber musical “Cats” is STILL being worked on – even one day after its theatrical release.

On Friday, a Twitter user got in contact with Birth.Movies.Death writer Scott Wampler with a screenshot from the distributor. According to that tweet, theaters were told they would receive a brand new version of the film within days, one that includes ‘some improved visual effects’.

Hooper admitted earlier this week that he had only finalized the film just a day before the film’s world premiere on Tuesday, but this has already been joked about as a ‘Day One patch’ akin to the way many video games have to have updates installed upon the day of their release.

Universal’s film is not having a good time – the critics loathe it, the film’s C+ rating on Cinemascore is dismal, and the movie is on track to earn just half of its expected $15 million in box-office this weekend.