“Uncut Gems” Makes The All-Time Swear List

Uncut Gems Makes The All Time Swear List

The Safdie Brothers’ “Uncut Gems” has been a big winner for distributor A24, taking in $27.3 million so far for the arthouse label along with some of the year’s best reviews.

Now, Screenit indicates that it has also made a little bit of history – the film has made it into the Top 10 list of films most frequently using the word ‘F–k’.

Boasting 408 uses of the word f–k over 135 minutes, or 3.02 times per minute, the film ranks seventh in terms of films with the most frequent use of the word. Indie’s “Swearnet: The Movie” and “F–k” contain the most frequent uses of the word.

The most swear-fuelled studio film is “The Wolf of Wall Street” with 569 uses of that word, followed by “Summer of Sam” (435), “Nil By Mouth” (428), and “Casino” (422). Just behind “Uncut Gems” is “Straight Outta Compton” (392), “Alpha Dog” (367) and “End of Watch” (326).

The Safdie’s previously made the list with “Good Time” but way down at #111 with 160 utterances. “Uncut Gems” is in cinemas now and is expected (though not fully confirmed) to be hitting everywhere else via Netflix on January 31st.