Ultraviolet Digital Service Is Shutting Down

Ultraviolet Digital Service Is Shutting Down

Ultraviolet, the cloud-based digital rights locker service that served as Hollywood’s go to place for digital copies of films for a while there, is closing down.

The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), an industry consortium of 85 companies including all the major studios, will shut off the service on July 31st.

The service launched in 2011 and its 30 million users have been advised to not delete their Ultraviolet movie libraries, rather make sure they are connected to the service of at least one retailer which they can then use to access their movies and TV shows going forward.

The decision is said to be in response to the evolution of the market for online entertainment, the move toward subscription services and likely the rise of rival service Movies Anywhere.

Vudu, the biggest retailer associated with Ultraviolet, has assured customers their accounts will not be impacted by the discontinuation of the Ultraviolet platform.

Source: Variety