U.S. Consumers Still Want More Content

Us Consumers Still Want More Content

A common refrain these days seems to be that there’s too much to watch and never enough time to do it.

The time of Peak TV yielded over 532 scripted U.S. series producing episodes either on air or on demand across last year, and these days a good bunch of them are worth catching thanks to jumps in production quality, bigger budgets, better casts and more.

Is it all getting too much? Not according to the new Total Audience Report for February from ratings and analysis firm Nielsen. The new report is the first since Apple TV+ and Disney+ entered the arena and takes an overall look at the state of streaming play.

Through last December, there were approximately 646,152 unique program titles to choose from across linear and streaming services – a nearly 10% increase over what was available in 2018. About 9% of the titles appeared exclusively on an individual SVOD service.

Nielsen surveyed around 1,000 U.S. viewers for one week in November and found that 19% of all activity on TV sets (not mobile devices) in Q4 was streaming, up from 10% at the same time last year. Of that, Netflx led with 31% of total viewing followed by YouTube (20%), Hulu (13%) and Amazon Prime (8%).

Most interesting though is the desire for more content is only increasing with approximately 93% of video subscribers plan to either maintain their current level or increase the number of streaming services they subscribe to. Already, nearly half (47%) of consumers aged 18 to 34 have three or more services – as does 30% of all U.S. consumers.

Average media consumption across all platforms by adults 18+ has reached a whopping 11 hours 54 minutes a day – up from 10 hours 30 minutes last year.

The report comes as Tubi, the world’s largest ad-supported video on demand (AVOD) service, said it reached 25 million monthly active users as of December. In addition, view time by its users jumped 160% on last year.

Source: Deadline