TV Trailer: “The Man in the High Castle”

Following on from its successful pilot launch in January, Amazon Studios has released an official trailer for the first full season of its original high-concept period drama series “The Man in the High Castle”.

Based on the Philip K. Dick 1962 novel, the story is set in an alternate U.S. history which imagines what happens if the Allied Powers lost World War II. Seventeen years on, the Nazis control the eastern United States, while Japan controls the Pacific Coast and the Rocky Mountains serve as a neutral zone.

It’s in this zone a group of U.S. resistance fighters battle for independence and believe the key to their success lies in old war footage, which shows that the Allies actually won the war. Alexa Davalos, Rupert Evans, Rufus Sewell, DJ Qualls, Luke Kleintank and Bernhard Forcher. The ten episode series debuts, in full, on Amazon Prime on November 20th.

Source: People