TV News: Ashes, Five-O, Pilots, Shat

Ashes to Ashes
The BBC’s program guide confirms that the third and final season of the 80’s set “Life on Mars” spin-off will begin screening in the UK on BBC1 sometime in a little over two weeks (sometime in the week of March 20th-26th). Expect a promo trailer in the next week or so.

Update 10:20am: Scratch that, the BBC have pulled the listing from that week and moved it to the ‘Coming Soon’ section. This means the premiere will likely be the following week (March 27th-April 2nd).

Hawaii Five-O
Scott Caan will play Danny “Danno” Williams in CBS’ reboot. Williams is a New Jersey cop transferred to Hawaii after his divorce to be near his young daughter and is initially leery of his boss McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin).

The Hollywood Reporter has done an interesting article on the trends of the pilots for the upcoming Fall TV season. Amongst the interesting facts:

– Six pilots have the show’s top role played by a minority actor this year compared with only one (NCIS: LA) last year.

– After so many failed attempts at adapting hit UK shows to the US, there is no broadcast pilot based on a UK format for the first time in a decade. One was in development, NBC’s “Prime Suspect”, but that was canned after a female lead could not be found.

– Three pilots are based on foreign formats – two from Israel, one from the Scandanavian region.

– Two pilots (Rockford, Hawaii 5-0) are remakes of 70’s shows and one (Funny in Farsi) is set in the 70’s. Last season three shows (Eastwick, V, Parenthood) were remakes of 80’s properties and one (the “Gossip Girl” spinoff) was set in the 80’s.

– With ratings so beleaguered, NBC has finally turned outside the company fro properties and is thus seeking the best projects available rather than the best projects the network owns.

Shat My Dad Says
That’s one of the potential titles going around for CBS’ sitcom based on the “Shit My Dad Says” twitter account. Ryan Devlin (“Cougar Town,” “Veronica Mars”) has been cast as the son forced to move back in with his cranky father (William Shatner).