Trouble “Dolittle” Subject Of A Major Rant

Trouble Dolittle Subject Of A Major Rant

Universal Pictures unleashed the first trailer for the Robert Downey Jr.-led “Dolittle” over the weekend. The adventure film, the latest adaptation of the “Doctor Dolittle” stories about a man who can converse with animals, opens in January after years in development and production.

There’s no getting around the issue that the costly $170 million budgeted film had a somewhat troubled production with more than your standard retooling and reshoots required. “Traffic” scribe and “Syriana” writer/director Stephen Gaghan helmed the project during the main shoot, but reports a while back suggested director Jonathan Liebesman and writer Chris McKay had come onboard to handle the additional photography.

Now though a new post on Twitter, itself a summation of a longer social media thread, cites an apparent unnamed worker on the film who was involved in the extensive animation/CGI. Said worker had a lot to say about the film, saying they “started filming scenes before they had even planned where the animated animals would be standing”.

They go on to have some not so nice things to say about Gaghan and his “stone cold racist” dog, who admittedly hasn’t really done an effects-heavy film before. The crewmember admitted that they weren’t involved in the reshoots but say if Liebesman and McKay’s saved the project and: “if it’s even remotely watchable then the new guys deserve some f–kin’ medals haha.”

No word on the validity of the rant at this point. The film itself opens January 17th next year, not a weekend that’s usually seen as one to launch a costly blockbuster in.