“Rise of Skywalker” Trailer Confusion

Rise Of Skywalker Trailer Confusion

Early last week came a report indicating that the full trailer for Disney and Lucasfilm’s “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” is likely to air next Monday, October 21st, during the half-time of Monday Night Football.

It’s a good guess, full trailers for “Star Wars” films opening in December have all hit in October in the past and Monday Night Football premieres have also been utilised by the franchise – understandable as they are one of the most-watched shows of the week.

Then things took a turn on Friday when Femi Oguns, John Boyega’s agent, dropped a tweet on Friday suggesting that the trailer would be launching during Monday Night Football alright – but this Monday (today). Were that to happen, you’d have expected a trailer tease or at least an announcement by now to confirm the launch.

That hasn’t happened. In fact, Boyega himself has had to intercede on social media saying he has no idea what’s going on with the trailer, and he’d appreciate if people would stop asking: “Sw fans. I don’t know when the trailer is coming out and I haven’t made any announcements about it so let’s just wait for the studio to release it.”

The trailer talk comes as a report over at Star Wars Unity suggests the film’s runtime will clock in at 155 minutes.

Whenever the new trailer hits, the full “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” film itself opens in cinemas December 20th.