Tremblay Voicing Sci-Fi Take On Chaplin’s “Kid”

Jacob Tremblay Joins Doctor Sleep

“Wonder” and “Room” actor Jacob Tremblay has been set to lead the voice cast of “The Kid,” an animated sci-fi feature reimagining of the 1921 Charlie Chaplin silent classic.

Set in a futuristic New York City which has been flooded and split vertically into two distinct regions, “The Kid: An Animated Adventure” stars Tremblay as a young boy living with his mother in Uptown – a boring, artless place of overprotective safety.

When he runs away seeking adventure, he winds up in the mysterious and dangerous Downtown and encounters Chaplin, a robot with a human soul. Together they embark on adventures to discover the secret mystery behind Chaplin, while pursued by police, the Kid’s mother, and a colorful cast of modern circus performers.

Christian Volckman (“Renaissance”) is directing and co-wrote the script with Rupert Wyatt (“Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes”) with the latter also onboard as executive producer.

Source: Deadline