Tom Hanks Will Only Watch One Of His Films

Out doing promotion for this week’s release of “Captain Phillips,” actor Tom Hanks was asked a question that Alfonso Cuaron responded to earlier this week – does he watch his old films. Hanks told The Shortlist:

“I don’t watch my own performances — who does that? That would be madness. I’ve seen all the movies once, but I don’t need to see them again, because they don’t change.

The one that I might watch with great affection is a little movie I directed, ‘That Thing You Do!,’ which I’m not in that much. I loved doing it so much that when I watch it now it still brings a smile to my face.”

The 57-year-old actor has also revealed that he was recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Medical experts in various news reports suggest that a minor contributing factor might have been the dramatic weight fluctuations that he has gone through for his on-screen roles.