The Hobbit Greenlit… Finally

Considering the wild rumours, multiple delays and just overall over excitability of the press, you could be forgiven for doubting the news on Friday that Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit” movies have finally been given the green light to kick off production.

The Wrap first reported from an inside source that the project had been greenlit and would begin production in February and Jackson’s deal to direct and produce both features had been finalised with both MGM and Warner Brothers this week.

The source admitted however that labor issues related to the production have still not been resolved, while the MGM situation is still a cause for concern. A few other media outlets later that day questioned the validity of the report, claiming that according to their sources things were still in flux.

Jackson himself had previously stated that considering all the wild online gossip, don’t trust anything until the press releases had been issued. Well very late Friday night a press release was issued by New Line and Warner Bros. confirming the news and adding that no decision has been made yet in regards to where filming would take place.