The “Final Fantasy XV” Delay Explained

A few days ago came word that Square Enix had delayed the highly-anticipated “Final Fantasy XV” by two months – pushing it back from September to just past the upcoming U.S. Thanksgiving holiday in late November.

In a recent interview with IGN, game director Hajime Tabata has admitted that the game could have actually met it’s original release date. There’s just one problem – it would have required a massive Day One patch:

“Originally I was thinking it would be okay and we could put all of the extra updates into a day-one patch, but at that point I learned there are maybe a lot of people out there who play in an offline environment and don’t have internet. When I found that out, thinking about it again, I’m glad I didn’t make that decision.”

Tabata explains that it’ll take about a month to take all the data that would have been included in a Day One patch and incorporate it onto the game disc. Then there’ll be another month to polish the complete game.