The “Booster Gold” Film Script Is Done

The Booster Gold Film Script Is Done

Over three years ago came word that Warner Bros. Pictures had begun development of a film based on the DC Comics character “Booster Gold”.

At the time, TV’s most prolific producer Greg Berlanti was attached to produce and potentially direct the project with Zack Stentz writing the script. Of course, in the time since Warners has retooled its DCEU strategy and opted to effectively ditch team-up projects in favour of standalones and left ‘Booster’ in limbo.

In March last year, Berlanti said the project was still moving forward and now Stentz tells The Fanboy podcast this week (via Revenge of the Fans) that he’s finished the script, that its been approved by those who have seen it, but the film still hasn’t received a green light:

“I do not know what’s going on with [Booster Gold] right now, honestly. And I don’t know if the DC people know what’s going on with it. Their strategy seems to change depending on how the most recent movie did.

But I can tell you that a script has been turned in that the director and producer, Greg Berlanti, has proclaimed himself to be very happy with. And it’s something that’s ready to go, but DC and Warner Bros. would need to give the greenlight to it. The ball is in their court.”

Part of the reason such a project hasn’t gone forward is other properties have come forward to lighten up the DC Films banner. This includes “Shazam” which will be coming to Digital HD on July 2nd and disc on July 16th and is expected to boast over 20 minutes of deleted scenes. There’s also James Gunn’s in the works “The Suicide Squad” which even he won’t confirm if it’s a reboot or a sequel, telling ET last week only “[it] is what it is”.