Tarsem Singh Offered “Snow White”

Tarsem Singh, directing of visually striking films like “The Fall” and “The Cell”, has been offered the job of directing a re-telling of the classic fairy tale “Snow White” setup at Relativity Media reports Vulture.

Melisa Wallack (“Meet Bill”) penned this new adaptation of the classic Grimm Brothers story which is said to hew much closer in tone to that darker work than Disney’s more buoyant animated classic. The dwarves for example are thieves in this version which Brett Ratner is attached to produce. Singh is currently at work on the Greek epic “Immortals” for Relativity.

This project is not to be confused with two rival “Snow White” tales in development. The first is “Snow White and the Huntsman” at Universal Pictures which Rupert Sanders is set to direct and focuses more on Snow’s relationship with the Queen’s servant. The other is Disney’s “Snow and the Seven” which is set in British colonial China which Francis Lawrence (“Constantine”) has been linked to.