Tarantino Cites “Unstoppable” In 2010s Top List

Tarantino Cites Unstoppable In 2010s Top List

Quentin Tarantino loves a healthy mix of cinema. We saw it last year with his citing of the very well made alligator creature feature “Crawl” as his second favourite film of 2019 amongst other more familiar fare.

So it fits in with his style when he revealed on a recent episode of The Rewatchables podcast on The Ringer site that he has selected both Chris Nolan’s war epic “Dunkirk” and more surprisingly Tony Scott’s highly rewatchable speeding train action thriller “Unstoppable” as two of the best films of the 2010s.

Speaking about why he chose “Unstoppable,” beyond the obvious praising of a former collaborator (Scott helmed the Tarantino co-written “True Romance”), he offered some reasoning about his choice – the last film Scott directed before his death:

“I picked it because I just actually spent the last six weeks going through a whole bunch of movies from the last decade, so I could make my Top 10. I was rewatching a lot of stuff that I liked and watching stuff that I never got around to watching [before] but I thought could be a contender to one degree or another. And so, one of the ones I did rewatch was ‘Unstoppable’.

And when I saw it, it just blew me away so much. Both the combination of just the movie that’s on the screen, the movie that is there, and the idea that it’s one of the last great movies from one of the last great directors of all time, at the height of his powers, doing what he does…It was my #10 of my top 10 of the decade. And frankly, now after watching it again for this [podcast], it should be higher.”

Scott’s film, his sixteenth overall in the director’s chair, isn’t as famous as his most notable work like “Spy Game,” “Enemy of the State,” “Top Gun” or “Crimson Tide”. Yet, much like Scott’s 2006 time travel vehicle “Deja Vu,” “Unstoppable” is also one of his more underrated works and is more effective than others from the latter stages of his career like “The Taking of Pelham 123,” “Domino” or “Man on Fire”.

“Unstoppable” scored good reviews upon release and made decent coin with $167.8 million worldwide from an $85 million budget.