“Swamp Thing” Budget Wasn’t To Blame

Early Teaser Dc Universes Swamp Thing

The other day came official confirmation about something that had already been indicated when filming wrapped months ago – that the DC Universe “Swamp Thing” series had already been cancelled.

Earlier this year and during production, the show’s first season episode count was reduced from 13 to 10. At the time reports suggested the finale was to be retooled into a series finale as opposed to a season finale for a continuing series.

That was finally confirmed this week when the cancellation order was announced after just one episode went to air. In other words, those involved had already made their mind up to axe the series – and this was despite some very good reviews for the show that have highly praised it.

The reasoning for the axing is where it gets tricky. Some thought it is a sign of the studio’s lack of faith in what is an obscure character, many attribute it to WarnerMedia rethinking the DC Universe service in the wake of the announced WarnerMedia streaming service coming within the next year.

However one report gained traction yesterday related to a governmental budgeting error. A series of tweets from Austin writer John Gholson put the blame on a tax credits problem in North Carolina which apparently enough that the state withheld $40 million which producer Warner Bros. Television was counting on to help with the show’s $85 million budget first season.

However since then, North Carolina Film Office director Guy Gasser has gone on the record saying the report was not accurate and the numbers were way off as well as the maximum payment per season for any production is $12 million. At the same time very specific contracts are in place that lock in every detail so budget discussions had nothing to do with the cancellation.

The second episode of the series has just gone online on DC Universe with the remaining eight episodes to air weekly over the next two months.

Source: io9