“Superman” CW TV Series Rumors Debunked

Superman Cw Tv Series Rumors Debunked

As quickly as it started, recent rumors that The CW is set to add a full “Superman” series to its DC Comics-inspired ‘Arrowverse’ stable of shows have been shot down.

FandomWire published a report which suggested the upcoming ‘Elseworlds’ crossover event in December – which sees one storyline cross over three series including “Arrow,” “Supergirl” and “The Flash” – would serve as a backdoor pilot attempt for a Superman series.

However Heroic Hollywood has shot the report down, saying: “No, Superman is not getting his own TV show on the CW. That FandomWire report is inaccurate. He will appear on [the] Arrowverse Elseworlds crossover and that’s it. Not a backdoor pilot attempt either.”

That was followed up by DC Universe contributor Joshua Lapin-Bertone who corroborated the denial: “I’ve checked as well. My sources in Warner Bros. confirm that it’s not happening.”

Tyler Hoechlin will be reprising the role of Superman/Clark Kent for the crossover event, the actor has played the character in several episodes of “Supergirl” so far.

The crossover event WILL serve as a backdoor pilot for a solo “Batwoman” series with the character introduced in the episodes and played by Ruby Rose. Rose is also shooting a proper pilot for a potential series which could debut next season.

The talk comes as Henry Cavill’s future as the big screen Superman is up in the air.