Streep Is All For Netflix’s Release Strategy

Streep Is All For Netflixs Release Strategy

If there’s one lady who is effectively guaranteed film awards nominations every year, it’s Meryl Streep who remains one of the most famous actresses to ever grace the big screen.

She’s back this year and working with another celebrated auteur, this time Steven Soderbergh for his Panama Papers scandal drama feature “The Laundromat” which also happens to be a Netflix original.

As the debate continues to rage about theatrical windows and exhibitors vs. streaming services, there are still some negative connotations around movies that come out of streaming services and how they are potentially ushering in “the death of cinema”.

Streep however sees no problem with Netflix’s release strategy of day-and-date streaming launches worldwide with the occasional brief exclusive theatrical window. Partly because it turns films that would otherwise only be seen by a handful of people in a few cities into a film that can become a global event. She tells Variety:

“If [‘The Laundromat’] were released in theaters, I don’t know, several thousand people in Manhattan, Boston and Los Angeles, who gravitate toward the material, would see it. Netflix is in 133 million households globally. It will reach places where it would not have normally been found. And that’s great, because it really is for the audience who doesn’t know about it already. “

Her co-star Antonio Banderas is also onboard with it, telling the outlet that Netflix has brought new jobs to international territories and is creating a new generation of film fans:

“I think what happened is that probably people are seeing more movies now than ever in the history of motion pictures but in different formats. We have to adapt.”

“The Laundromat” will arrive in cinemas on September 27th ahead of streaming on Netflix on October 18th.