Spider-Man, Widow, Eternals & Minor MCU Talk

Spider Man Scribe On Studio Split Reaction

It has been an odd week or so for Marvel news and rumors with various little things popping up across a range of projects, but none major enough for serious discussion.

Perhaps the most interesting albeit dubious talk has related to “Spider-Man”. One rumor going around in the last day or so (via Movieweb) suggests Disney Pictures is reportedly looking to shell out up to $5 billion to get the Spider-Man rights fully back with Marvel Studios – more than they paid for all of Marvel back in 2009.

Meanwhile “Spider-Man” film producer Amy Pascal has teased plans for the Sinister Six in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, telling ComicBook.com: “These villains we now have in our universe happen to be characters that are in the Sinister Six. There may be something that happens with that.”

“Black Widow” has wrapped production with recent set photos (click here) teasing William Hurt’s General Ross making a brief appearance in the film, his fifth time on screen in a Marvel feature.

Next some “Eternals” set photos (click here) have shown Richard Madden at work in denim as Ikaris.

Ryan Coogler has only just begun outlining the story of the “Black Panther” sequel and so it isn’t expected to shoot until very early 2021.

Finally, “Kingsman” filmmaker Matthew Vaughn has firmly put up his hand to direct a “Fantastic Four” film, telling ComicBook.com: “I’ve always loved the idea of doing Fantastic Four as it was originally written… I actually think that Fantastic Four, as a nice piece of IP, is in theory as big as Spider-Man.”