Sony Limits Sexually Explicit Game Content

Sony Limits Sexually Explicit Game Content

Sony is reportedly instituting new in-house standards set to limit sexual content in PlayStation 4 games reports The Wall Street Journal.

A US Sony official tells the paper: “Sony is concerned the company could become a target of legal and social action” and doesn’t want to be associated with game content that could depict women in a demeaning way.

The new guidelines are intended to enable game developers to ‘offer well-balanced content on the platform’. The guidelines are also to help ensure gaming ‘does not inhibit the sound growth and development’ of young players.

The popularity of streaming games via Twitch and YouTube, in particular sexually explicit titles released exclusively in Japan which feature nudity of young-looking animated characters are said to be of concern.

It appears the guidelines do not include limiting explicit violent content as well, often the most frequent complaint levelled at gaming titles.