Sienna Miller Talks Dylan Lawsuit

Actress Sienna Miller has denied previously reported claims made by Bob Dylan that her new film “Factory Girl” alleges Dylan had a role in driving Edie Sedgwick into the heroin addiction that arguably killed her.

Dylan threatened legal action against the film because it includes a fictional rock star who has a doomed relationship with Warhol associate Sedgwick, which plays a part in her subsequent depression and drug addiction.

Dylan alleged that aspects of Hayden Christensen’s performance as that rock star implied that the character was meant to represent Dylan.

Not helping is reports that the original draft of the script explicitly painted Dylan as that rock star and included a relationship between the pair, even though there is no evidence such a relationship ever actually took place in real life.

Miller told UK Teletext that: “I’m Bob Dylan’s biggest fan. I’m mortified that he’s pissed off. She [Sedgwick] needed help and no one helped her. It’s not that Dylan drove her to heroin addiction” On the similarities between Christensen’s character and Dylan, she continued: “It very obviously looks and sounds like Dylan. But I think a lot of actors base performances on real life”.

Although Dylan has not launched a lawsuit against the film, he remains critical of it.