“Shazam” Director Video Essay Targets Criticism

Shazam Director Video Essay Targets Criticism

From Honest Trailers to CinemaSins, there’s no shortage these days of videos dissecting and critiquing movies. While some offer genuine, thoughtful and intelligent criticism, some are just straight up nitpickers who spend their time pointing out continuity errors and trying to explain random editing choices.

This week, “Shazam” director David F. Sandberg has posted a new five-minute video essay in which he himself explores the problems with two key scenes of his own film and carefully explains how multiple decisions on the day and mitigating factors come into play during a film’s production to result in scenes unfolding as they do.

It’s a piece that uses logic and reasonable arguments to explain the movie’s faults, and in doing so manages to gut plenty of other video essays – be they negative ones bitching about continuity errors to positive ones foisting grandiose gestures onto all too mundane logistical decisions.

Check it out below. “Shazam” is now available on Digital HD and comes to disc July 16th.