Sam Raimi Considering Hobbit?

With Peter Jackson and New Line having officially separated over the issue of an adaption of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”, the studio is now in a rush to find a replacement before their rights deadline expires.

Back in November it was rumoured by the guys at The One Ring that “Spider-Man” helmer Sam Raimi has been contacted about potentially helming.

The story wasn’t confirmed at the time and many chalked it up to simply speculation. That may not be the case anymore according to today’s The Los Angeles Times.

The publication reports that not only has Raimi been “telling associates, as well as his corporate masters at Sony, that he is thinking of directing ‘The Hobbit’,” but at least two top-level insiders “have heard the words out of the director’s mouth.”

With “Spider-Man 3” wrapping up and Raimi wanting to take a break from that franchise, the possibility is intriguing.