Rumor On Furlong’s “Dark Fate” Role Revealed

Rumor On Furlongs Dark Fate Role Revealed

The biggest surprise of the recent “Terminator: Dark Fate” panel at San Diego Comic-Con came from James Cameron himself who confirmed that Edward Furlong would appear in some capacity in the upcoming sequel.

How exactly wasn’t clear. None of the trailers have suggested an older John Connor survives in this, meaning the most likely scenario is either using old footage from T2 or some trickery to portray a T2-era young Connor in select scenes.

The latter appears to be the option they’ve taken according to Bloody Disgusting who suggest that according to their sources they’re doing effectively what was done in “Blade Runner 2049” with Rachel or “Rogue One” with Tarkin – a blending of an actor of the right age and body type on set mixed with a facial capture performance mapped onto it:

“We won’t be seeing an adult version of Furlong’s John Connor in Dark Fate, at least not in the most recent cut of the film. My source tells me that yes, Jude Collie was in fact cast to play a young John Connor and that CGI was used to put Furlong’s face on his body. While Furlong isn’t physically in Dark Fate, he does deliver a brand new performance that’s been digitally placed directly onto Collie’s face. So, yes, Furlong is technically in Dark Fate, just not exactly how we all expected.”

They also say “I’m told this new film bleeds James Cameron and is a worthy sequel to Judgment Day.” We’ll all know for sure ourselves when the movie arrives in cinemas on November 1st.