Rick Moranis Returning For “Shrunk”?

Rick Moranis Returning For Shrunk

Rick Moranis is reportedly in talks to join “Shrunk,” the “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” follow-up currently in the works for at Disney reports The DisInsider.

Moranis has largely stayed out of the entertainment world since the 1990s, taking on mostly voice roles. He hasn’t starred in a live-action movie in over two decades and declined a relatively recent offer to cameo in the upcoming “Ghostbusters: Afterlife”.

According to the outlet, Moranis is in talks to reprise the role of scientist Wayne Szalinski, starring alongside Josh Gad who will play his adult son Nick. The film will reportedly exist in the same world as the original and continue the overall storyline.

Originally the plan was for the project to go straight to the Disney+ service, but it is now believed to be potentially getting a theatrical run. The first film’s director Joe Johnston is also in negotiations to direct.