Review: “The Powerpuff Girls Movie”

The popular Cartoon Network show makes its debut at the cinema in fine form. Having never seen the show I was worried I’d be completely lost, however the creators have taken the smart choice of doing an origin story which makes it accessible to all audiences.

Make no mistake, this is a very young kids film – whilst there’s the odd adult-aimed joke or reference (one of the girls quotes Charlton Heston at one point) this is still for those who count their age in single digits. However even adults will appreciate the sheer amount of energy, the bare yet colourful animation and the simple (albeit overly sweet) morality stories.

The girls themselves are gorgeous creations – feistier than a firecracker with big eyes that ooze saccharine. The opening thirty minutes are a little slow and patchy at times as things seem to be done on too simple a level which makes it all a little condescending.

As the deliciously evil Mojo Jojo’s plans for domination take hold though, it becomes a fast paced action movie tribute/spoof which may be a little violent for the pre-schoolers but is more engaging for the older kids among us. The action is pretty wild with tsunamis, Bond style villain schemes, and the most destructive game of ‘tag’ ever put on screen (the film’s highlight). The humour has its moments which’ll appeal to different groups but works overall.

Still is there enough here to bring in new audiences? Well aside from a few elements, there’s nothing in the animation or story that’s particularly different from what you can probably get on the box. Fans will love seeing the bigger scale and early elements of the characters, whilst at 87 minutes its a nice short feature for parents who want to enjoy a movie along with their kids. The techno music, flashy sound FX and fast editing keep the pace moving which helps overcome the bare bones story. Surprisingly well made and fun escapism for all ages.