Review: “The Perfect Score”

Whether they be called SATs, A-Levels or the HSC, the ‘final exams’ at the end of one’s high school years is always, arguably, the most daunting and stressful time of one’s life beforehand, but a non event afterwards. Aside from determining what degree one can go for at University or College, there’s no point to them and in real life the results have no real effect. Yet as a student that’s all we’re pressured to think about. This idea is explored in ‘Perfect’, a lackluster retread of 80’s comedies but without any actual laughs and far blander characters.

Most of the movie involves this sextet of characters, all of which played by actors who look FAR too old to be school students, plotting and executing a heist of the test answers from a daunting looking educational facility. As it’s a MTV film it follows the exact routes suspected – they start off with a little bit of friction, but come together and romantically pair off. Throw in the ubiquitous supporting characters ranging from the mom who’s determined to help a stoner get back on track to Matthew Lillard as the slightly-retarded older brother of our lead hero and bang – it’s all been done before and so much better.

The cast are all decidedly bland across the board with even decent talent like Lillard and Johansson stymied by such a dud script and characters which don’t resemble school students in the least, more like even nicer versions of the 90210 cast. It’s a very PC mix with the token Asian and black guys thrown into the mix of these all too clean-cut good-looking white folk. Added to this are some forced comedy sequences which don’t work, including a cheap Matrix ripoff (though Scarlett in tight leather, wow!). The ending is so trite and moral it’s pandering and actually quite uptight. This test is a failure.