Review: “The Medallion”

Yet another contender for the most terrible film of the year, the formerly titled “Highbinders” is Jackie Chan at pretty much his absolute worst. If there’s one rule with action movies, its that if you’re going to steal then at least steal from the good stuff. Those behind the ‘Medallion’ then must have a strange sense of humour then as their product bears more than a passing resemblance to that Eddie Murphy spiritual action/comedy dud “The Golden Child” – with even less of a script.

The fact that this film got made is a shock, the fact that its the most expensive Hong Kong-made action film ever is atrocious, but on top of that the fact that by using extensive wiring trick and CG effects it completely undermines the whole reason for Jackie Chan doing action scenes

is absurd. Chan’s strength has always lied in the fact that he does his own stunts and those stunts rely far more on cleverness and humour rather than crappy CG explosions. However these stunts are at a minimum on display here with utterly forgettable action against the immortal Chan whose new powers undermine any weight the fight might have.

What really makes this painful though is the script. Every attempt at comedy is utterly unfunny and both he and comedian Lee Evans have zero chemistry, whilst Clare Forlani looks on with a smirk whilst trying to hide that her character has no depth to it (and don’t even get me started on her utterly unconvincing ex-flame subplot).

Julian Sands as the bad guy is evidence enough that this baby should’ve gone straight to video – certainly the money spent on it is nowhere evident on screen. Gordon Chan’s choppy directing has gutted any sense of suspense or even interest in the story. The end has a nice set, but that’s the only compliment I can give this utter car wreck. This is this year’s “Master of Disguise” in terms of pain levels.