Review: “Supernova”

The film which nearly sent MGM bankrupt and has gone through so many edits it isn’t funny has resulted in an average movie. In fact the first 40 minutes is quite entertaining as it sets up the characters and the story well, the FX are great quality, and half the actors are quite likeable.

Like “Stargate”, James Spader proves he does good sci-fi roles, this time with a very Han Solo-type personality. Angela Bassett does a calmer version of her “Strange Days” pissed off routine which only sort of works, while Wilson Cruz proves to be quie cool as the computer geek Benjamin.

Same can’t be said for the rest of the cast, Forrester and Tunney are completely forgettable, Philips has a very weak role and then there’s Facinelli. When he arrives the problems begin both in and with the movie.From there on out (basically the last half of the movie) it sinks into a highly conventional and dull ‘killer stalking the corridors routine’. Facinelli plays it so over the top he’s not threatening at all, the artifact just looks like something the aliens from “The Abyss” left behind, and most of the cast do the usual stupid routines with their fates winding up as expected.

Indeed the ending gets more and more silly and confusing with many elements just left hanging – will the explosion wipe out the universe? It doesn’t say. While the FX are beautiful and there’s some nice touches (the computer is called ‘Sweetie’ – aww!), its still a fizzer of a movie. Sci-fi fans will love the first half but be disappointed by the second. Guess no editing could save this sinking ship.