Review: “Stealing Harvard”

A while back Tom Green was hailed as a comedy genius and his work in “Road Trip” drew pretty good reaction. Then came “Freddy Got Fingered” and overnight his reputation went into the toilet. Thankfully “Stealing Harvard”, whilst not ‘Road’ level, is Green on a tamer more offbeat level.

The film itself however is just another generic studio dud comedy, not as bad as say Lee’s woeful “Kissing a Fool” but certainly not up there with “Heartbreakers” or anywhere near the Kevin Smith films. Its along the lines of the other week’s “Serving Sara” – a few smirks are here and one or two great comic talents (ie. Mulally & Lee) are utterly wasted, but on the whole this is a purely forgettable piece of trash.

Lee himself can prove a good talent when the job requires but it never shows through here, whilst Green does his usual wild physical antics and camera mugging along with the odd bad taste joke (this involving a crotch loving dog). The material is dated, the timing of the gags simply wrong, and the plot of barely any note.

One gag sequence involving a judge who misses his dead wife has a fun payoff at the end, but its certainly not worth the slog to get to it. Farina is quite frankly at his most embarrassing whilst Mann is a decent but not a particularly special love interest.

The one saving grace is John C. McGinley who comes off with the only interesting character of the batch – a rather determined bald cop with a somewhat twisted side. At 87 minutes though there’s nothing much in here to really offend or upset anybody, except those who want value for money when purchasing a movie ticket. A video rental at best.