Review: “Scary Movie”

While it misfires quite a bit, the jokes that do work in this horror spoof are so gross they’re hilarious. The plot is an exact clone of “Scream” interfused with some “I Know What You Did Last Summer” thus fans of either movie will know what to expect.

Nevertheless it has some surprisingly current jabs at the recent teen movie genre along with the general over-the-top style humour you’d expect from a Leslie Nielsen movie. One scene in particular, the bedroom scene will go down as one of the most memorable bad-taste joke sequences ever filmed.

Actors-wise most of the cast is decent with Anna Faris and Jon Abrahams proving quite enjoyable leads, Carmen Electra pokes great fun at Drew Barrymore’s “Scream” opening while my fave SNL chick Cheri Oteri (who does a hell of a Barbra Walters impersonation on that show) stars as Courteney Cox’s character from the “Scream” flicks.

Of the gags most of the movie reference ones work, pretty much all the gross out way over the edge ones do to, but others such as the “wassup” scene to one bit where the blonde guy is seemingly pummeling the shit out of ‘Cindy’ by the fountain makes you scratch your head in wonder. Sadly what lets it down is its total reliance on old material.

Sure the gags are funny, but the story holding together could’ve at least tried to have been clever instead of directly ripping off the films it spoofs. As much as those Leslie Nielsen movies suck, at least they try and have original plots. The reliance also makes those unfamiliar with the source material to be left out in the dark completely. The jokes are frequent but dumb. It’s a fun no-brainer night out.